Science Supports Literal Genesis

Natural science indicated that Adam and Eve were created fully human and genetically perfect whereas all so-called ape-men were frauds or forgeries. The at least 145 deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) repair genes, the catalog of 40 years of genetic disorder data, and the objective ancestry tests for fossil bones provided the evidence.

Microscope disproves spontaneous generation

Frontispiece from a key science source that disproved spontaneous generation

Frontispiece for “Experiments in the Generation of Insects” by Dr. Francesco Redi. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Evolution was superstitiously taught in the schools for 2,000 years until the invention of the microscope. The flies on putrefying meat were laying microscopic eggs which were the source of the maggots. The maggots were not spontaneously generated. From the maggot’s pupa, the same kind of fly was hatched as the one that laid the eggs. There was no “evolution” from the maggot to the fly. These classical science findings by Dr. Francesco Redi in 1668 by means of a “fine microscope” and controlled experiments are still valid today.

Claims for evolution found in biology textbooks were based 12% on superstitions, 74% on frauds, and 14% on forgeries.

Evolution falls before the scientific method

Methods to determine the age of the Earth were tested scientifically for objectivity, validity, reliability, and calibration. The indirect methods of the 19th and 20th centuries, including radioisotope methods, failed those tests whereas the direct historical method passed all tests. Therefore, scientists are obliged to accept from the direct historical method 6,800 ± 850 years as the age of the Earth.

Natural science supported religion in general and particularly the literal reading of Genesis. The conflicts were between natural science and the anti-science superstition, evolution, and between religion and the anti-science superstition, evolution.

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