Death: Can it precede Adam?

The seeker wonders, “How can there be a loving Creator when we live in a world full of death and suffering?” The scoffer sneers, “The death all around us proves there is no loving God!” The biblical answers, as well as the foundation for the Gospel message, are provided in the early chapters of the book of Genesis. Continue reading

Science Supports Literal Genesis

Natural science indicated that Adam and Eve were created fully human and genetically perfect whereas all so-called ape-men were frauds or forgeries. The at least 145 deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) repair genes, the catalog of 40 years of genetic disorder data, and the objective ancestry tests for fossil bones provided the evidence. Continue reading

Hydroplate theory v. plate tectonics

The hydroplate theory competes with catastrophic plate tectonics for acceptance among creation scientists. CSHOF presents this side-by-side comparison to show whether the hydroplate theory, or catastrophic plate tectonics, explains more and has more evidence to support it. Continue reading