Theistic evolution, progressive creationism, and gap theory: Biblically incorrect and scientifically unnecessary

When the disciples asked Jesus for the signs of the end times, just before His return, He warned false Christs and false prophets who would deceive many. Continue reading

Creation: why teach it?

Have you ever asked yourself why our culture seems to be disintegrating all around us? Why the moral standards we all had in common a few decades ago seem to have blown away with the wind? The answer may lie in the government-run classrooms around the world where evolution is being taught as empirical science, and creation not at all. Continue reading

Young earth v. old earth

This morning, another type of creation advocate sent me a message at the domain of the Creation Science Hall of Fame. Some advocates choose not to dispute the conventional wisdom that the earth is old. However old the earth might be, they say, is still not long enough for evolution to take place unless God guided it. Opposed to this “old earth” view is the “young earth” view: that the earth is not nearly so old as conventional scientists insist. Continue reading

C. S. Lewis questioned evolution

C. S. Lewis was not always a Christian. He was still an atheist when, in 1925, he first questioned evolution. He knew its claims, from unguided selection through the development of man, strained logic. He would make his final break when he realized how dogmatic and even totalitarian evolutionists can be. Continue reading

Asteroid makes case for hydroplate theory

The near-earth asteroid 2012 DA14 makes the case for the Hydroplate Theory of the Global Flood, for a simple reason. No asteroid, if it formed in a belt between Mars and Jupiter, should fly so close to earth. Not unless it came from earth to begin with. Continue reading