What Benefit In Scientific Progress If Humans Don’t Use It For Good Causes?

Inventors, science men and philosophers are all really proud of their work which is expected, and actually is, to offer new ways of scientific progress.

 Evolutionary theories and scientific attempts to bring such theories to a rational explanation are probably the most appealing products for people. But the fact is that our epoch tends to be more and more affected by technology enhancement and scientific progress.

If this could be a good point in the human historical evolution, then our times should be the best ever had in the entire history of the Universe. On the contrary, our times are deeply crossed by violence, aggressions, violation and crimes of all types, frauds and dishonesty can be found at all levels.

Is this a result of so much scientific progress? Should scientists rethink their idea or goals? What benefit will humanity get from such a modern society where most basic human features lack?

Technology Is Worth When It’s Used For Good Purposes

It would be not fair to charge on technology enhancements the entire dramas of our not-so-happy times. In fact, it’s not a matter of technology, it’s not because of its progresses, rather than because of how people use technology.

As long as technology is used for good purposes, it can reveal all its value, importance and reason to exist. So, we should make a distinction between technology used in a savvy way and technology used to destroy, to kill and to damage.

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A good result of technology can be seen in the improvement of certain job categories, like locksmiths. Actually, locksmiths are specialized technicians as many others in the world. They use many professional tools every day, they gain competence about latest technology in order to use it for helping customers who are in serious difficulty, for example, with a broken door lock or with a lost car key.

Therefore, the role of locksmithing today is very important and it’s a good example of how technology can be extraordinary when used for good purposes.

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Evangelize Like an Apostle

In today’s multicultural society, sowing the seed, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, can be a challenge. In fact, Barna Research reports the percentage of U.S. adults claiming to be Christian has dropped from 89% in 1989 to 78% in 2009. So how can we effectively evangelize to people who hold to a wide range of beliefs? Continue reading