All things will be made new again

In the beginning God created the heaven and earth, the seas and all the things in them. Then, looking over His completed work, our righteous Creator deemed His new creation to be very good…there was no death, evil or suffering. Everything was perfect and Adam walked with God in the Garden of Eden. Continue reading

How to win with Prayer


religious cathedralGod is all around us. He exists in the lives and hearts of each person despite the religion that person has chosen to follow. God comes in many forms throughout various religions. Some of the major world religions are; Hinduism: where God is represented as Brahma. Christianity: God is known as The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Islam, introduces us to Allah. In Buddhism we meet Buddha.

People search for their truths in different ways. Some people are naturally connected with this all mighty being and follow their religion to the maximum, sometimes in an extremist way, some reject him/her all together and are Atheist or Agnostic and others turn to God only in times of difficulty, whether it is for health reasons or financial reasons, often people will start trying to find their way.

People pray for all sorts of things, some for health, others pray on finding their soul mate, some people pray before a big exam and others pray that they will win the lottery! You can not win if you do not try right.

How to play?

Learning how to play Euromillions Lottery is easy as 1,2,3…

1 Buying multiple Euromillions tickets is the best way to go, because the more tickets you purchase, the more chances you get to win a prize. You have the opportunity to select numbers from two different pools of numbers to create combination.

2. You need to chosen your numbers for your lottery ticket by selecting numbers between a 1-to-50 range for your 5 main numbers and then 2 numbers that make up your Lucky Star numbers; which come from a combination between 1-to-11 range..

3. The draw is made up by using two separate sets of number balls and two draw machines! This is known as a dual draw technique. This gives the Lottery the opportunity and possibility that the same number/s might be picked twice in the final combination of 5+2 numbers.

How do you go about purchasing a ticket?

Purchasing a ticket has become one of the easiest most convenient tasks that exist, because nowadays you can purchase a ticket online from the comfort of your home. The Euromillions Lottery site is easy to navigate through and once you have registered you are on your way.

What are the terms and conditions for playing?

Age restriction: Players must be 18+ years old in almost all of the Countries in order to purchase a Euromillions ticket, however in the UK the minimum age for players is 16.

When playing online, You must be the owner of a credit card that is your individual credit card with your specific information. This is in order to purchase the tickets and further along when you win a prize!

Euromillions prize winners must claim their prize within 180 days after the draw takes place. If you do not claim then the prize is forfeited!


Everything in life has lead you up to something spectacular and whether you are extremely reilgious or not at all, the fact is that you can not win unless you play, So stop praying and start playing now!






Mercury ice should have blown away in meteor showers

The Mercury ice excites everyone who hears about it. After all, people forget that even Mercury has areas of endless shadow cold enough to hold ice. But they smugly assume that the ice would sublimate slowly, if at all, even over billions of years. If the ice rested quietly, and nothing disturbed it, then it would stay, even that long. But it does not rest quietly. Meteors of all sizes bombard it all the time. In millions of years, and certainly billions, those meteors would have blown the ice away. Continue reading