Science and the Bible – Part 3

In parts one and two of this series, I discussed the extraordinary biblical references to revelations of science. They included references to the earth being spherical, thermodynamics, water springs in the ocean, recesses of the deep and the morning stars singing. These references are truly extraordinary when one considers that they were made from 300 years to over 4000 years before they were discovered by modern men of science. More extraordinary still, these references mark only a small percentage of the scientific statements the Bible makes. Continue reading

Panspermia? Really?

Panspermia — the idea that life is seeding itself everywhere in the universe — is suddenly popular again. The finding of the “stuff of life” in meteorites has made it popular. But panspermia assumes that those meteorites came from space and merely fell to earth. Continue reading

Science in the Bible part 2

The point of this series is to cite specific instances where the scientific claims made in the Bible are well ahead of their time and have proved to be more reliable that the always-changing theories of men. All too often creationists find themselves defending against the dogmas of the day. Those dogmas, with time, prove to be either hoaxes & frauds, built on faulty assumptions, or are eventually invalidated. Exposing the reliable scientific statements made within the Bible is more inspiring than our defensively held positions. Frankly, we seem to spend more time defending against the theories of men than proving the science in the Bible. After all, who can be a more reliable source about the science of creation than the Creator Himself? Continue reading

Science — does it confirm or contradict the Bible?

I have been involved in the Evolution vs. Creation debate for decades. So I know from experience that Evolutionists commonly argue that the evidence for evolution from science is overwhelming. Since Darwin wrote his Origins of Species back in 1859, evolutionists have been on a quest to prove his hypothesis scientifically correct. As a result, many “proofs” of Darwinian Evolution have been presented through the years – including missing links, moths, embryonic recapitulation, punctuated equilibrium, etc. The list goes on and on. Continue reading

Bill Nye — pray for him

You might want to pray for Bill Nye. Although he is not as vocal an atheist as Richard Dawkins or P.Z. Myers, he is a dedicated humanist and fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Of late, Bill Nye has become a defender of Darwinian Evolution and a vocal opponent of creationism. Continue reading