Hall of Fame welcomes four new members

The Creation Science Hall of Fame inducted four new members all scientists who have pushed the boundaries of creation advocacy and research.

Four new Hall of Fame members

The four newest members of the Creation Science Hall of Fame are:

  • Carl Baugh, founder and curator of the Creation Evidence Museum. He is most famous for finding dinosaur tracks in far more modern rock than earlier paleontologists suspected. He also developed the crystalline canopy theory of the pre-Flood atmosphere.
  • Wayne Frair, who became a creation advocate after he served in the US Navy during World War Two. He created the discipline of baraminology, or the taxonomic classification of created kinds. More than any other man, Dr. Frair shows that life is not a single tree, but an orchard. His insights could create a revolution in taxonomy by giving it a logical basis: breeding within the kind produces viable offspring, but attempts to breed across kinds does not.
  • G. Thomas Sharp, founder of the Creation Truth Foundation. He is a determined advocate for the literal truth of the Genesis narratives of creation and the Global Flood. Like Wayne Frair, Dr. Sharp can trace the worst failings of modern society to its preference for evolution over creation. He also knows that if Christians do not accept the literal truth of their own Bible, they can scarcely expect non-Christians to accept the Divine Message or any part of It.
  • Charles Jackson. He is the “youth minister” of the Creation Truth Foundation. He has dedicated himself to reaching out to modern youth, to assure them that the Bible is true from the beginning. Youth are the future of any society, and Charles Jackson seeks to make that future a good one.

The Creation Science Hall of Fame welcomes these men and honors them for the honor they have done to God, His creation, and His history.

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