Hall of Fame: definition and meaning

We hear very often people mentioning the few words “Wall of Fame” or even “Walk of Fame” and probably this phrase is now part of our daily vocabulary.

But how many of you do actually know the meaning and origins of the phrase “Wall of Fame”?

We can now find this phrase used in many different situations, here just like TV programs, titles of novels or other artistic works. In a few cases “Wall of Fame” is also the title of a particular kind of games.


Origins of “Wall of Fame”

The first meaning of “Wall of Fame” has changed a lot during the centuries. By the time of its origins, it had to mean “renown” in opposite to the modern concept of “celebrity”.

In some cases, a “Wall of Fame” is a building used as a museum or a hall with particular sculptures inside to commemorate a special historic hero. In US you can see many “Walls of Fame” in the shape of building housing memorials to particularly heroic men. There are also a few religious “Walls of Fame” that have as their main goal the attempt to bring religion closer to people.

Modern concept of “Wall of Fame”

However, today we can also find a different concept as to the idea of “Wall of Fame”. Actually, as said before, this phrase is the title for a few works in the field of cinema, figurative art and even gaming design and art.

Wall of Fame

In particular, you may find interesting the last concept of “Wall of Fame” in terms of games.

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