Desserts for all tastes: crepes and cakes

If your question is “what could I prepare as a dessert?” for a special meal where you have guests and you want to amaze them, rx then you are in the right place!

The eternal dilemma is “crepes or cake”: in fact, many people consider crepes to be a good dessert to serve after the meal, while other people prefer to think about a nice slide of cake as a dessert to eat while talking around the table.

A never ending question

So, you can’t decide and actually the idea of dessert is pretty much related to the cultural background and normal food habits or each single guest. For a French person it would be obvious to consider a crepe as a dessert itself, while an Italian person would call dessert only a good slide of cake.

It’s up to who your guests are.

However, you can find today many kinds of crepes. Practically, all kinds of tastes and flavors can be mixed up to create new combinations and experiments and this is the strong point of crepes.

Strawberry and Chocolate Crepe

You can serve a chocolate crepe with berries and cherries or even a spiced apple-cranberry crepe. And those who love cream will surely find interesting a strawberry cream crepe. Vegetables are also a possible match when it comes to talk about crepes: the sweet tart rhubarb crepe represents a compromise between vegetables and pastry.

Chocolate is a must!

Probably, a chocolate crepe will also satisfy all of your guests, even those who are on a diet: in fact, dark chocolate contains less fat mass than any other chocolate and keeps all the benefits on mood and brain.

But don’t forget that some of your guests will also like to eat a cake as an alternative to the crepe. In this case, you can always have fun inventing new flavors based on chocolate or other ingredients.

Chocolate can be really precious in cooking: it’s helpful to decorate cakes, to create small drawings on the top of a cake, but you can still use it as the main ingredient of your cake for a fulfilling chocolate taste, like the Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Cake.

This amazing cake is also called Daniella Torte and is made of chocolate and hazelnuts. The step by step phases are clearly illustrated and described on the website and you will see how easy and satisfying this sweet chocolate cake can be!